By Langston Payne

Queens, NY- St. John’s University ranks #485 of 1,346 for safest college campus in the country. All data is collected by U.S Department of Education when schools send their annual reports in.

For a private institution, this ranking isn’t too pleasing. Many students at St. John’s aren’t shocked by this statistics, as many don’t believe they are that safe on the Queens campus or the surrounding areas of the school’s campus.

“I don’t feel safe on this campus at all, the many gates are just an illusion making it seem safe.” Said Kennedy Thomas

According to the past St. John’s Campus Security Statistics for the Queens campus, there has been more reported crimes occurring on campus than off. Because St. John’s is a private institution many incidents that happen off campus might not be reported to Public Safety. NYPD handle all crimes and offenses outside the zoning and areas owned by St. John’s.

“I wouldn’t trust public safety with my life but they hold the campus down pretty tight depending on the hours. Off campus they have no authority so I wouldn’t go to them.” Said Jamel Campbell.

College Factual gives St. John’s a crime rating of B+. Burglary/Robbery is the most reported crime in the St. John’s database. In the past two years 5 reports of illegal weapons on and off campus, with one coming in 2016 involving a shooting in the dorms.

“It just goes to show you how easy it is to sneak weapons, people and anything else into the dorms.” Said Senaie Haile

St. John’s will soon release is annual security and fire safety report for the year of 2017. At almost any college campus, off-campus crime is a concern just as much as on campus crime, and St. John’s is no exception. Past safety reports by St. John’s shows most of the violations are liquor and drug violations, 242 liquor violations and 84 drug violations.