By Langston Payne

Queens, NY – As minority students continue to speak up against the wrong doings by the faculty of St. John’s, many students have spoken about the racial profiling that they experienced on campus.

According to College Factual, St. John’s University is ranked #40 for highest diversity university in the country, and received an excellent ranking for ethnic diversity nationally. For being one of the most diverse universities the racial profiling and experience of the minority students isn’t positive.

Last year, a report was called to a dorm room that a student had been threatened. As Public Safety reported to the scene they busted in an African American students room and assumed he was the one that made these threats.

“I felt betrayed because they automatically assumed that I made those threats. I’ve been racially profiled before but it’s way different when you are getting racially profiled by the individuals you work for” said Senior Carl Feritre.

Racial profiling continues to make many students uncomfortable on campus. Many people believe it’s due to the lack of diversity among teachers and administrative positions on campus.

“St. John’s being so diverse is the reason I chose to come to this school. As time went past you can see how separated it really is and how people are treated way differently on campus.” said international student Lode Van Oijen.

In the wake of the many protest against St. John’s administration, Minority students are continuing to unite and come together. At St. John’s we are proud of being global, diverse and metropolitan but you rarely see the diversity of the school come together unless it’s for school publicity.

“On campus you kind of just hang out with who you fit in with, many people don’t step out of their comfort zone. Every race has their own events, you rarely will you see them intermingling” said grad student Faye Harvey.