By Langston Payne

Queens, NY – Last week two African American St. John’s students were victim to hate crimes by another St. John’s student and her friend who does not attend St. John’s.

Kumba Koroma and another student had been racially harassed by two white students over social media after a discussion in class. After posting what was said on social media, Haraya, the Pan-African student organization, caused for a protest in the matter that’s had occurred and demanded a change. Students of St. John’s protested and marched up to the president’s officer demanding to speak to the President.

“I think the black and brown student body handled this matter so the administration was forced to take action.” Said Taylor Warner

After spending much time demanding to speak with officials, the Vice President of business affairs, administration, student affairs and a couple others agreed to listen to what the students had to say. They met in the little theater, over 50 students stood on the stage to voice their concerns and demands. Many scenarios were brought up where minority students had been targeted on the Queens campus. The administrative board sat in the front row, as emotions arose in the room a lot of pressure was put on the officials to change the way they handling things. One main issues was that, there isn’t enough people of color on the administrative leadership board to understand what the African American students are going through.

“Oh Absolutely. It’s not a matter of feel, it’s a matter of fact that there just isn’t enough people of color on the administrative board.” Said Kumba Komora

Having more people of color on the administrative board, will help many students feel more comfortable and safer on campus. This isn’t the first issues of racial attacks in the past couple years. Minority students of St. John’s hope this incident wakes up the officials of what is happening and hope they change fast.

“I’ve never really had to think about my safety on campus until this whole incident. With someone like that you never know what they are capable of doing. You hope these type of thing never happens.” Said Kumba Koroma

Alumni and all the organizations supported Kumba and Adenike as they wish nobody else has to go through something like this.