Carnival rides filled with color took over St. John’s University’s Great Lawn as music blared through the sky. It was one of the first warm days in New York City, and students flooded outside to pay their respects to the returning sunshine.

St. John’s officially kicked off spring with their celebration of Spring Fling, an annual event that turns St. John’s campus into a carnival, put on by the Student Affairs Committee.

“It was pretty fun, a lot of people came out that don’t usually show their faces around campus,” said Laurent Guichard, 20, of Washington, D.C., a sophomore at St. John’s who attended the event.

Although, at times it seemed like there were more students than expected packing the Great Lawn.

“I didn’t get to ride all of the rides, though, the lines were way too long, so I only got to go on two,” continued Guichard.

Spring Fling, despite the lines, is something that the University annually puts a lot of time and money into. Creative Games, a company that specializes in bringing arcade games and carnival events, has been coming to work Spring Fling for over ten years now.

“The school reached out to us in 2004 and we’ve been working this ever since,” said Jacquelyn, 23, of Long Island, who works for the company.

Creative Games has many rides and attractions that go beyond the average carnival. One that was featured at St. John’s was a virtual reality roller coaster, where riders put on a virtual reality headset that displays the ride, and hydraulic chairs move them as if they are actually on the ride.

“That was probably the coolest part,” said Guichard, “although my headset was a little bit behind, but it was still cool,” he continued.

For Creative Games, this is one of the biggest and most encompassing events that they do all year.

“We mostly do bar mitzvahs, so this is a huge event for us, we always have a lot of extra hands brought in,” said Jacquelyn.

Despite the long lines and minor malfunctions, Spring Fling brought students out in masses, and perhaps more importantly, got them outside in the nice weather right before finals cracked down.