In college, it’s hard to make friends or have a social life. As a St. John’s student, you are limited to the social interactions, especially if you are a commuter.

Anything party-related usually happens at a Greek open house or the local bar down the street called Parsons. Students that live on-campus usually get dressed-up on a Friday and walk in a group to the bar.

“Parsons is probably one of the closest places you could go to have fun if there is nothing else going on that night,” says Stephanie Dinh, third-year SJU student.

“Parsons is really dirty, but it’s within walking distance,” says Kenny Ngyuen, SJU graduate.

If there are any concerns about hygiene, the “party scene” may not be for you. Living close to the city, you are given access to the many cultural experiences that New York City harbors.

The St. John’s student-life does not always have to be about partying. There are numerous amounts of opportunities and experiences from students, on-and-off campus, that could give you an idea of what you could do while attending SJU.