At St. John’s University, the social scene on-campus is hard to come by. Being a commuter student makes it hard to know what activities/organizations are held at the university.

For commuters, a way to become active on-campus is to check-out the activities fair where they have many clubs and organizations to offer. Since the majority of St. John’s students are commuters, events like these allow for students to meet new people and network.

“Coming from California, I did not know anyone. But finding an organization the Greek fair allowed me to find people that I have a lot in common with,” said Sylvie Do-Vu, fourth-year SJU student.

“I have lived in New York my whole life, but I never branched out to the many organization options that SJU has. It wasn’t until my lab partner asked if I wanted to go to the Greek fair with her that I met some people that were actually genuine,” said Christine Chen, third-year SJU student.

Not only does St. John’s have a Greek fair, but they also have the general activities fair where you could meet many clubs. Regardless of what your hobby is or where you’re from, each club/organization is full of diversity and open-arms.

The Greek and general activities fairs are hosted at the beginning of each semester to allow students to find their home at St. John’s. Commuting does not always have to be so lonely or a routine!