February 14, 2018

BY Nyia Crenshaw


A full, good nights rest can really impact your day. Whether it is good or bad, sleep plays a role on the students’ day-to-day activities.

Why aren’t students sleeping enough? Insomnia? Studying, last minute homework and papers?

“I range from four to nine hours a night. I go to sleep at like four in the morning and only really wake up early if I have my morning class. If I do have to wake up early, I pop a melatonin around 10 at night to be asleep by midnight,” added Kendall Times, a freshman at St. John’s University.

Many students at St. John’s University are taking the necessary steps to do better academically. Sleep is a key factor in the success of students at the University. Vivienne Pates is a junior at St. John’s who weighed in on the subject.

“I scheduled my classes later in the day so I can sleep in. My earliest class is 12:15,” added Pates.

Students who are older tend to schedule their classes in a certain way so they can get more rest and days off. Students who partake are able to get the rest the desire and can recuperate with days off.

“I feel like I didn’t get enough sleep, then I’m tired and moody. Sometimes I’ll be close to falling asleep in class and not pay attention. So now I plan during the day how many hours I’ll be getting if I do go to sleep at a specific town,” said Times.

Time management and planning are the keys to having a successful sleep schedule and an overall better day. Students at the university have been taking steps into the right direction to avoid being moody and falling asleep in class.

Finding the right schedule is the best possible thing a student could do. It makes for productive students, which then causes better grades.