April 11, 2018

BY Nyia Crenshaw

It is not unlikely that students in college could end up taking six classes for semesters at a time. This means that students are juggling six different loads of exams, papers, and projects. Not to mention that all of these classes could be totally unrelated.

For college students, time management is stressed, but sometimes when a student struggles with completing tasks it may not even be related to time at all. It could simply be that students are having trouble with managing the overhaul of work assigned by their professors.

“They don’t consider that I have other classes. They just give unlimited amounts of work,” said Julius Kim, a junior at St. John’s University.

Toward the end of both the fall and spring semesters, St. John’s University encourages the students to complete course evaluations. The students are emailed a link to complete a questionnaire on each course they took for the semester.

At the very end of the evaluation there is a question dedicated to how student feel about the workloads they experienced this semester.

The Office of Institutional Research located in Newman Hall at St. John’s University sends out the email containing the surveys for students. Unfortunately they do not offer a question that specifically shows the details to how students responded to work loads