February 2, 2018

BY Nyia Crenshaw


Just two weeks into the semester and the D’ Angelo Center of St. John’s University’s Queens campus is already busting with students. The building is full of students already stressing about their new classes. They wonder how they will achieve their “A” this semester.

Students try out different study methods in order to achieve the grades they desire. If one way does not work, some students will try out an alternative method.

“The only way to get good grades is to study,” adds Dana Carroll, Junior at St. John’s University.

Carroll tends to spend her free time creating study guides. Her face is glued to the screen of her MacBook for the majority of her week. She sometimes finds herself staring aimlessly into the screen of her computer when the information is just not sticking.

Khia Burgos is a sophomore at the university that treats the D’Angelo center as a hangout before and in between classes. During the school week she believes she spends about 90% of her time in the building.

“Me and my friend Ari study with our Starbucks Coffee and snacks. We recite terms for exams and Ari usually helps me brainstorm ideas for any paper I may have to write,” says Burgos.

Burgos and friends sometimes study with the traditional flash card method but at times try to stray from that and add different aspects of other methods to help them get better grades. Students feel like the slight changes in study habits help them to be more productive.

“It can be boring doing the same things over and over again,” adds Burgos.