It is the perennial college problem. To eat the easily microwavable salt based and horribly unhealthy ramen noodles, or to wait in a painfully slow line at a dining hall.

At St. John’s University, students will now have another option. Student Government Inc. (SGI) is working with dining services to join in on the new mobile app, Boost, that will allow students to order food for pickup at any of the campus’ dining hall chain restaurants.

“[Dining Services] brought this to us in the fall of 2017,” said Alex Cheung, 21, who is the chair of the research and development committee and a senior member of the Student Services Committee (SSC) of SGI.

Boost, an app available exclusively in the Apple App Store, was created by Compass Group Canada Ltd., with the sole reason of making ordering food easier on college campuses. When it is up and running, students will be able to order food from their dorm or anywhere else on campus and pick it up in an express line at the restaurant.

For the SSC, the main concern regarding Boost is whether or not students will be able to use connect their Stormcard, which student’s use to pay for food with their dining dollars.

“We hope to incorporate the Stormcard,” said Cheung, acknowledging that most students use the Stormcard to pay for their campus dining.

Brianna Holmes, 22, of the D.M.V., another senior member of the SSC, said “we expect to see this implemented this semester,” with relative certainty and excitement that she would be proven correct.

The SSC will meet with Dining Services on Wednesday, and expects to hear about the progress and the possible launch date of Boost on St. John’s campus.